The Essence of Presenting - In House

More confidence AND competence 'up front'

In classical Greek times, when Cicero had finished speaking,

the people said, "How well he spoke",

but when Demosthenes had finished speaking,

they said:

"Let us march!"   

This New Zealand In-House presentation skills workshop is suitable

for beginners and experienced presenters and public speakers.


It is principles-based and applies a personal development methodology that

brings a fresh and highly stimulating approach to what is traditionally a very challenging topic. 


My approach focuses on bringing forward each presenter’s individual style

(rather than technical skill, great slides, and presenting 'rules').


It's all about keeping it real.


We explore the underlying causes of the common fears relating to ‘public speaking’,

and hone our skills in a safe and non-critical environment.


Over the past 30 years I have helped thousands of presenters

learn to enjoy being 'up front' and thrive on being their effective, authentic selves.


"This course changed my life ... I wouldn't have been able to lecture at University without it.

 The greatest of fears dissolved into a feeling of excitement, acceptance and ease."

Debbie Harwood - Artist/Lecturer


Who is this workshop for? What will be covered?

WHO is this workshop designed for?

WHAT content will be covered?

HOW does it work ? 



Workshops cover x2 consecutive days plus two hour follow-up on request
x6-10 participants per program (minimum x6).


This program focuses on self awareness and skill development.


The methodology is principles-based, highly practical and experiential.


Curriculum can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific needs on request.


Contact Amanda to discuss this work in your organisation.


Graduate Feedback: 

“Last week I attended a course the Essence of Presenting, expertly delivered by Amanda Fleming.This training is more than just how to present, it made me look deeply into places I have avoided going to in a while.Today I made a presentation that was not easy, talking about the loss of my Dad, the impact on my family and why I want my colleagues to go Safely Home Every Day. Without the skills and confidence that Amanda instilled in me I would have been a blubbering, incomprehensible mess, but instead felt confident and competent. Throughly recommend to all.”  

Nicola Thompson (EHSR Advisor)

In the Essence of Presenting workshop each person will discover more of their individual presentation style and presence and learn to express that more effectively.


This is presentation skills - but not as you know it.


My own mission is to help you create the results you want and gain the confidence to communicate in any environment.


More graduate feedback:

"This workshop is an amazing confidence booster for the mind, body and soul. Changing your mindset and applying new resources and techniques really helps tackle the challenges of public speaking" Adeline - Manager

Progress report: "I just wanted to give you an update with my public speaking progress! The true test came at my sister's wedding when I did my bridesmaid speech - I actually ENJOYED doing it! I remembered why we were all there that day - People laughed (and even cried!), my sister told me I have found a new career in public speaking, friends and family said it was amazing and a guy I had never met before told me it's the best bridesmaid speech he has ever heard! I'm finding things so much easier at work with confidence and being myself...So just wanted to say a big thank you!" Adeline

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