What is FreeSpace?

If you ever have that feeling that everything is kind of ok, but you sense you 'need something else', maybe FreeSpace will help.


It's an online 'boutique' library of personal development resources for busy professionals hosted by me, Amanda Fleming.


It's designed for trainers, facilitators, people leaders, coaches and anyone looking for personal growth.


I have been a personal growth specialist for more than thirty years and during that time I have accumulated many resources that are gradually being added to FreeSpace as it grows. It is an online legacy project!


Content is both original and curated and includes:

  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Guided Audio Reflections
  • 'Internal Enquiry' written Reflections

...all designed to help you express more of your potential, grow your emotional intelligence, communication and relationship skills, and essential personal and professional leadership. It is free, and every month more content is added.


Click the button below and complete the simple rego form and you will have instant (pretty much) access. 


Hope I see you inside,


Amanda Fleming


  • 1 Nith Street, Oamaru 9400

    New Zealand

  • support@inspiringconsciousevolution.com

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