The Essence of Facilitation - In House

 Did you know most professionals spend

close to 50% of their working time in meetings? 


Around one third of those meetings are unproductive.

Worse, around 85% of business training has no impact back in the workplace at all!


Making the most of meetings and training very often comes down to the facilitation skills of those running the process. 


“The wise leader’s ability does not rest on

techniques or gimmicks or set exercises.


The method of awareness-of-process

applies to all people and all situations."


- Lao Tzu

Are you ready to empower your people to run 'magic meetings' and highly effective training sessions?


Confidence + Skills = EFFECTIVENESS

WHO is this 2.5 day workshop designed for?

WHAT content will be covered?

HOW - Logistics

Participants will leave this workshop confident they have the skills to continue their own development as they support others in moving forward with theirs.


I bring over 30 years of experience in designing and presenting personal development courses, workshops and resourcing sessions ranging from a few hours to several days or months in duration.


This workshop is designed in collaboration with you to specifically to fit your organisational development plans for your environment, strategy, mission and purpose.

More client feedback: "Amanda Fleming has a fresh, relevant and highly engaging approach to support the growth of facilitation and life skills in any leadership team. Her ability to combine pedagogical learning theory with anecdotal examples and practical, ‘up front’ facilitation opportunities meets the needs of all participants where they are individually at.


Amanda’s ‘Essence of Facilitation’ workshop has truly transformed For Life Education & Training leadership - enabling our facilitators to lead from a place of authenticity, connectedness and confidence.


They have become reflective practitioners who celebrate feedback, are able to congruently be in relationship with those around them and confidently take charge of any facilitation opportunity - quickly building rapport and trust with their audience.


I highly recommend Amanda Fleming’s workshops if you want to take your organisation’s Vision to the next level, truly engage with the art of facilitation and empower your team to lead from the front with sass, style and conviction."


~ Erin Maloney - General Manager, For LIFE Education & Training (NZ) Ltd.

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