Enlightened Leadership - In House

Personal Development for 21st Century Leaders (and those aspiring)

 - with Amanda Fleming in New Zealand

"Enlightened Leadership was

the most significant experience

that has shaped my career"

(Mark Billington)


Are you a 20th

or 21st Century Leader?

Or maybe you are 'in transition'?

Are you aware there is a difference?


20th Century Leadership was often about

the leader/manager being:


The Dominator

The Boss

The Controller

The ‘Parent’

Sometimes even the Dictator!


​This leadership style suits autocrats and works best in an hierarchical structure where positional power is of high value.


People attracted to this kind of culture can be those who need someone else to tell them what to do. 


Culture is not usually open and free flowing, and fear is often a motivator for behaviour.


This means communication is not 'between adults' because power is in play in relationships.


One consequence is the real possibility of a low trust environment and lower than potential productivity.


Innovation and creative thinking gets stifled, egos rule and the organisation/enterprise cannot truly flourish.


Note: This style still works for some people, but increasingly, the talent wants something different....

21st Century Leadership is all about the leader being:

A Coach - A Facilitator - A Collaborator

and a Servant to the purpose and the team



  • This style suits leaders motivated by purpose rather than status or position.
  • Traditional skill sets have expanded to include more emotional intelligence and self awareness generally.
  • They prefer a flatter structure where collaboration is the name of the game.
  • Decision making is increasingly based on wisdom
  • Ideas (and leadership) come from everywhere in the organisation and trust is a high value.
  • Values driven organisations that take their stand in the world seriously, define what a 'healthy' culture looks and feels like because it matters.
  • Relationships matter and so too do the skills that foster effective communication.
  • Growing 'Team Intelligence' is advantageous to any enterprise.
  • 21st Century Leaders grow more leaders - and they thrive on that because they know they grow the future!


How does Enlightened Leadership work?

Logistics - Enlightened Leadership Development - in New Zealand

How will leaders benefit from the full programme? 

What the graduates say... 

Best workshop ever!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the experience and the opportunity to stretch my leadership capability.  I loved every minute!

Anne Moore

Enlightened Leadership is a great investment in your leaders, your organisation and your mission. 


Investing in your leaders directly impacts the fulfilment of your purpose.


Each person will discover more of their

individual style and presence.


This is leadership development - but not as you know it.


My own mission is to help the natural leader inside to come further forward and make the difference only they can make!

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