• This is easily one of the best personal development books I have ever read. Amanda Fleming is on the level of John Maxwell and Tony Robbins when it comes to unlocking human potential. With simplicity and straight-forwardness, Activate Your Human Superpowers does an outstanding job of helping you understand and improve your relationship with yourself, others, and spirituality. I would recommend this book to everyone seeking education and improvement. This should be a recommended reading in all teaching institutions.
    William Corbin

A message from Amanda

Dear Evolving Human, 

'Activate Your Human Superpowers’ is a book for our times and I would love you to have a copy - especially if you are noticing that 'something significant’ is happening in the world…something big. 
Some of it is exciting and some of it is terrifying. You might be feeling it personally or aware of it globally. Either way, you are not alone in sensing an ‘ugrade’ to the 'human operating system’ is being called for. We need to tap into new capacities and skills, next level empowerment, and recognise we can ’save ourselves from ourselves’ in true superhero style! Our world is evolving faster than we are and we need new frameworks and skills to keep up and thrive.  
I too have felt this shift emerging and my book is a response. First published in 2012 it is now more relevant than ever. This book is infused with my life’s work (30 years) as a personal development specialist. It is part of my contribution to the evolution of human consciousness at this time in our history. 
Inside you will learn how to use a powerful framework for your own growth that will enable you to mature five naturally occurring human powers to higher functioning ‘superpowers’. You use these powers already but when matured fully they will enhance every aspect of your life. You will also learn practical superpower 'activators' that will enable you to put the information in this book into practice immediately.
This book will also enable you to transform three relationships we all experience:
1. Your relationship with yourself
2. Your relationship with other people
3. Your relationship with the world at large
Enter your name and email below and I will send you a link in a jiffy. May 'Activate Your Human Superpowers’ embolden you towards the life you were born for, contributing the way that only you can.
My very best to yours,
Amanda Fleming
Fellow Evolving Human

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