What is Conscious Evolution?

Conscious Evolution is an exciting idea taking root around the world.


As a world view, it acknowledges that humankind has arrived at a new place.


We now have the power to influence our world in ways that can change the very evolution of our planet and everything that inhabits it – for better or worse.


It is a natural step to need to grow the capacity to use our incredible powers wisely for the sake of our planetary home and future generations.

My Highest Purpose is...

To call forward the Evolutionary Integrity (best potentials) of the Human species.

My "Compelling Future" Vision looks like this...

A world where Humanity has made the leap from a self serving fear-motivated species, into full co-creators of our own personal and species evolution.


In my vision, future students of history will marvel at how in the first half of the 21st century we 'woke up' to our true potential and worked towards creating a world worthy of our greatest potentials and aspirations.

My Mission

To fulfil my own life's purpose and do what I can to contribute to a better world. My path is to do this through the design and delivery of inspiring life-affirming education that awakens people to what more we can be.


I believe we are a species in transition - and I am on the transition team (with YOU if you are reading this!). There is work to do that only we can do...



It's TIME... for Humanity to bust out of the box!

A little history...

The nature of my life's work since the mid 1980's has been to serve the community through the design and presentation of highly relevant, stimulating and meaningful transformational learning events in both public and business settings.


During a successful and rather eventful seven year career as a front line Police Officer through my twenties, I learned many of life's lessons first hand. An epiphany at age 27 led to me studying and training for another seven years before starting my personal growth business in 1992.


You can check out my books "I CAN SPEAK CLEARLY NOW - THE PAIN HAS GONE" - an inside-out approach to authentic presentation skills development, and "ACTIVATE YOUR HUMAN SUPERPOWERS - a path to your potential" here on Amazon.


Clients include: The ICEHOUSE , ACG Group, Countdown, Auckland Council, TRA (The Research Agency), WISE Group, Caliber Design, Go Rentals, Giltrap, PORSE, For Life Education and Training, and many more...


It is my honour to serve on the Board of Workwise - an organisation dedicated to supporting people who experience mental health issues to gain meaningful employment.

My Values:

  • Love
  • Service
  • Generosity of Spirit
  • Respect for Everyone and Everything
  • Teamwork - the synergy of co-creation
  • Evolutionary Integrity (personal and species)


The work itself is a menu of recipes that all have the same fundamental ingredients and beliefs:

  • Belief in and willingness to see, the inherent brilliance in every individual - their 'evolutionary integrity'
  • Deep respect for the essence of each person I work with and calling that essence forward
  • Trust in the perfection of every person's process of life
  • An assumption we are wired to learn and predisposed towards flourishing
  • Love gives us a massive evolutionary advantage
  • Crisis can lead to transformation - and, we don't need to get to crisis to transform, if we learn to cooperate with our EVI
  • People learn best and fast when they feel safe - enough
  • The activation of our human powers to full maturity - superpowers!

A Personal Note...

I have long known I am alive to make myself useful.


We are all made for something and we are all called to contribute that (whether we hear the call, respond, or not). Some of us are designed to look great and others are designed to entertain us. Some are born to govern and others are born to heal. Some serve in humility and others are exalted.


All of us can contribute and all of us can be of service in some way. Just as every cell in our bodies has a purpose, so do we, as one individual in our species.


I am driven to be useful in ways that stretch, grow and bring out the best in me and others.


My highest calling is to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness by fostering conscious evolution through life affirming education - one person, team and organisation at a time. 


I stand for a future well beyond my own lifetime.



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