Special GOOD NEWS from Amanda Fleming:


is back!

World famous in New Zealand with an almost 30 year proven track record, this powerful public speaking/presentation skills workshop is happening in Oamaru September 10-12, 2021.

If you want more confidence, competence, and lasting results,

this is for you. 

21st Century Personal Development

for Professionals - In-House and Online


Amanda Fleming (Teacher/Author/Facilitator)

"I have watched Amanda perform miracles with our Icehouse owner-managers for years. She has also profoundly assisted me in my own speaking challenges. She’s a warm and wonderful inspiration."

Darl Kolb - Professor of Connectivity, Graduate School of Management, University of Auckland Business School.

Amanda Fleming

offers a fresh and hope-filled path to

your career and life potential.


The world is changing - fast.

Are you and your team prepared to adapt?

"Some part of my soul just

stands up straighter listening to you."

- Sally


A Personal Growth  approach in

Professional Settings


Amanda is a two-time author and evolutionary thinker with over 30 years experience designing and presenting personal development courses, workshops and resourcing sessions ranging from a few hours to several days or months in duration.


These sessions are designed in collaboration with you to specifically to fit your organisational development plans for your environment, strategy, mission and purpose.

Workshop Curriculums coalesce around the following topics:

  • Enlightened Leadership

    'Enlightened' Leadership involves getting to grips with six emotional competencies effective leaders habitually demonstrate.

    • Learn how to transition from a 20thC Leader to one fit for 21st Century purpose.
    • If leadership sometimes makes you pull your hair out this could help


    New needs require new skills. Click the link (above) or pic to get more detail or contact Amanda to discuss your needs.

  • Team Development

    Team Building by design. Leadership Team Development a speciality.

    • Confidence building personal growth
    • Team/Org purpose/mission/values clarification and culture change
    • Workplace Wellbeing
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Communication skills 
    • Stress Management
    • Relationship skills 


  • Presentation Skills

    Traditionally a challenging skill to master.

    My approach is safe, empowering, practical, and it gets lasting results (click the pic for more info)


    • Presentation Skills
    • Develop confidence
    • Develop competence
    • Make preparation easy
    • Be a highly effective communicator


  • Facilitation Skills

    • The Essence of Facilitation
    • Run purposeful meetings
    • Increase your confidence and influence
    • Help others navigate change
    • Understand group dynamics
    • Learn the principles that work
    • Grow relationship skills
    • Personal growth 

What my clients say...

"I have worked with Amanda for a number of years and she is not only an excellent facilitator and coach, she genuinely believes in people and their potential, which leads to a level of trust and authenticity that is rare. 


Amanda has led a series of leadership development programmes for our wider leadership group and over this period I have seen some amazing growth and transformation, including more teamwork, peer mentoring, stronger management and leadership, and higher overall performance. 


The feedback from participants is that they love Amanda’s approach and her ability to make people feel relaxed and have the courage to be really open to personal growth and development."

Mark Worsop

Chief Executive (NZMA – ACG)

"I have been involved with Amanda’s  facilitated programmes for over 15 years, both as an individual and as a business owner. 


I cannot recommend Amanda and her services more highly. She has had a major influence on training and development for both me and my business TRA. 


From presentation training, to company value setting, to being an all-round sounding board, Amanda has delivered above and beyond what was expected every time. 


She is an inspirational mentor, coach and all-round superstar and a true 21st Century leader of best kind."

Amber Coulter

Founding Director (TRA)

Many business owners I talk to, say their businesses are all about people. In considering that statement, people are all about communication. When the team at Caliber Design needed to improve our communications skills, we approached Amanda.


As our business continued to evolve, we wanted to invest in our people. As a team of engineers, we needed to increase the size and quality of our teams communications toolbox, to enable them to better manage the diverse situations that arise when delivering high value design projects.


Amanda delivered a series of facilitated sessions covering a broad range of the communications spectrum which were participative and enjoyable. Amanda’s life experience, anecdotal teaching style and energy ensured the team was engaged and curious which delivered excellent results for our people.


If your business is about people, I highly recommend investing in a personalised course with Amanda. We’ve seen the results these sessions deliver and I’d be happy to have a discussion with anybody wanting to discuss how this might work for their people.

Wayne Le Sueur

Managing Director

(Caliber Design Ltd)

Other great clients I get to serve are: WISE Group, The IceHouse, NZMA, Go Rentals, Bunnings, UP Education, Countdown, EVOLVE, Auckland Council and many more....

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