Conscious Evolution

is about improving yourself, your team, your business and your world - deliberately! 

"Conscious evolution inspires in us a mysterious and humble awareness that we have been created by this awesome process of evolution and are now being transformed by it."
Barbara Marx Hubbard 


"As a world view, conscious evolution acknowledges that humankind has arrived at an exciting new place, and it's loaded with opportunities to deliberately improve things.


We begin to see crisis as an evolutionary driver - forcing us to find solutions to self-inflicted problems.


We really do have the power to influence our world in ways that can change the very evolution of our planet and everything that inhabits it – for better or worse.


It all begins with us: One person, team, organisation at a time."

Amanda Fleming - Teacher/Author/Evolutionary Thinker

Want to evolve your team/org?

- workshops with Amanda

Change is speeding up, and it is transformative. Some changes are more disruptive than others and we must be able to respond or become irrelevant. Conscious evolution can enable your team to grow:

  • Personal responsibility - skills and tools
  • Emotional Intelligence - relationship skills
  • Communication skills and influence 
  • Enlightened Leadership - principles based/values driven
  • High trust teams - teams that know themselves can grow themselves
  • Presentation Skills
  • Facilitation skills - group dynamics humming
  • Aligned and committed to values and purpose
  • Engaged and productive - 'all in' teams

To learn about how well facilitated workshops using a personal growth approach can help your team to consciously evolve, click the button below. I have been working with big and small businesses for over 30 years and have learned that investing in your relationships with 'self, others, and Everything, significantly impacts results. #effectiveteamwork #enlightenedleadership

Want to learn to evolve yourself?

- work with Amanda

Personal development is a professional issue today. Personal leadership precedes people leadership.To add more value in the world, we must back ourselves and invest in learning to consciously evolve our own life transformations. Backing yourself will help you grow:

  • Confidence and competence (competence is not enough anymore)
  • Relationship skills and influence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Turning the past into a platform (not a prison)
  • Thought leadership and owning your voice
  • Inner strength and conviction
  • Personal leadership
  • A life worth living!

You know you have more potential yet...  I can help you tap into it by teaching you how to do the 'work' that only you can do - on the inside. This is my life's work - my calling for the past 30+ years. Get started now with free access to personal growth fertilisers and resources by clicking the button below. #innerfirstouterfollows